Photography Accessories

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Introducing the new & improved Beseler 50mm & 75mm lenses:

These quality lenses designed exclusively by Beseler contain an additional lens element for exceptional sharpness and clarity.  The improved lens design offers professional grade features, yet maintains an affordable price for educational or entry level programs.  The new 50mm lens is now standard with our Cadet II® enlarger series. Both lenses come complete with jam nut/retaining ring.


  • 4 coated glass lens elements (previously 3) for added sharpness and clarity
  • Defined click stops for easier use in the darkroom
  • Increased aperture range f/3.5 to new f/22 (previously f/16)
  • 39mm Leica mount for compatibility with existing accessories

Archival Binders

Fully enclosed archival box to store slide, negative, C.D., and print pages secured to stay clean and safe.

Binders are made from archival quality polypropylene with snap latches to keep dirt and moisture out.
Binders are available with and without 3 rings.

Pink Binder

National Breast Cancer Foundation.Beseler has proudly partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to bring you our new archival storage binder in pink!!  We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this project and hope you will welcome a bright touch of color into your darkroom in support of a great cause. A percentage of all pink binder sales go to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation to provide help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services. Now available through your preferred Beseler distributors.

Introducing the NEW Beseler Digital Timer

The new and improved Beseler digital timer provides the accuracy of a digital display with a blackout cover option for color printing environments. This new design has incorporated features that our customers have been requesting for years.

Features Include:

  • Sealed buttons to eliminate infiltration of darkroom chemicals
  • Bright easy to read digital display with glow in the dark legends
  • Optional display cover for color printing environments (included)
  • Improved accuracy and function for consistent timing
  • Safelight receptacle
  • One year limited warranty

Dust Gun

Dust Gun 100 is a general purpose, ozone safe dusting product. Dust Gun 100 is ozone free and non-flammable. It is a pure, unblended, ultra filtered dusting product for use on film, C.D’s, monitors, computers and scanners, and a multitude of other uses.

The Duster product is an economically priced, general purpose ozone safe duster.

The Super Dust Gun 100 is similar to the Dust Gun 100 except that it is a lot more powerful than any standard aerosol. Use where strong, concentrated cleaning power is needed.

The Dust Gun 100 Mini is now available which is perfect for traveling and on the go.

2.25 OZ DUST GUN 100

Back by popular demand, our 2.25oz portable canned air is perfect for on the go use.  Fits in camera bags, purses, repair kits, brief cases and much more. Ideal for a quick, on hand shot of air for cameras, lenses, negatives, keyboards, laptops & cell phones.

Beseler Developing Outfit

The Beseler Developing Outfit is an excellent complement to Cadet® II or Printmaker Enlargers. The kit consists of all the essentials to develop film and make prints. Includes film tank, film clips, safelight bulb, timer, 8″x10″ trays, print tongs, 32 oz. bottles, easel thermometer, funnel, beaker, squeegee, stirring rod, and print guide.