The Charles Beseler Company was originally founded in 1869 as a manufacturer of Inhalers, Laryngoscopes, Magic Lanterns with Oil Lamps, High School Stereopticons, and Museum Stereopticons. In 1943, the company's expertise had evolved to the point where the firm became an innovative audio-visual company primarily serving the military and education markets with the first opaque and then overhead projection equipment. By 1953, Beseler entered the amateur and professional photography fields. It was during this time that the 45 Series Enlarger was born and other darkroom products were soon developed.

Today, the Charles Beseler Company continues to be the leading supplier of photographic darkroom equipment to the educational market. Proudly made in the USA - at a modern manufacturing facility in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania - Beseler's line of high-quality photographic equipment continues to withstand the test of time and remains the industry standard for professionals and amateurs alike.

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