23C-III Dichro Colorhead

23C-III Dichro Colorhead features 0-200cc of continuously variable, fade free, dichroic filters for Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan. Comes with a built in power supply and 6x9cm mixing chamber.

23C-III Variable Contrast Lamphouse

23C-III Variable Contrast lamphouse is calibrated for all major brands of variable contrast paper. Permits printing on papers at grades 0 through 5 using internal dial in and fade free blue and green additive dichroic filters. Equipped with a white light focus feature, built in power supply, and 6×9 cm mixing chamber.

67VC Variable Contrast Lightsource

67VC Variable Contrast lightsource for use with all printmakers and 67 series enlargers. The diffusion type with additive color lightsource allows for continuous contrast changes from grade 0-5 for most variable contrast papers. Available in colors Black, Green, Yellow, and Red.

67 S Dichro Colorhead

67 S Dichro Colorhead filled with features such as continuously variable 0-200cc dial in filtration, white light filter retractor lever, integral solid state power supply, and interchangeable mixing chamber are included to provide optimum illumination for formats from 8mm through 6×7. The lightsource is ready to be mounted on Printmaker 35 and all other 6×7 series enlargers.

45 M Condenser Lightsource

Includes two over sized 6½” optical glass condensers which work with the Beseler “Cone-of-Light” principle to maximize illumination on any film format up to 4″x5″. Contains a filter drawer for 6½”x6½” filters and high output lamp. The lightsource fits all Beseler 4×5 enlargers.

Dichro 45 S Colorhead

The Dichro 45 S is an ideal lightsource for color, black and white graded, and variable contrast papers. Filtration values are individually displayed on an illuminated analog scale. The lightsource fits directly onto Beseler 45 M series, 45 V-XL enlargers. The dual dichro capability permits the use of either diffusion mode or optional condenser mode. Filtration values range from 0-200cc of Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan. A white light filter retracting lever and safety interlock are standard features. Voltage stabilized power supply and system cooling are built in.

Made in the USA